Let's Have Fun & Enjoy our Winnings!
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Please read the Terms & Conditions below upon joining this group:


This is not a gambling page. All prizes and transactions are considered friendly gifts and donations. All cash incentive boards are for entertainment, non-gambling purposes only. Gifting to friends does not guarantee the friend will gift in return. Again, this is for entertainment purposes only. There are no refunds on gifts and donations.


By joining this group, you agree to play at your own free will, and all gifts and donations go towards winnings. You also agree to release any and all admins of this group from all liabilities.


Let’s have fun and enjoy our winnings!

When requesting access, please email us at SAIDFromHome2022@gmail.com and provide the following:

1. Photo ID to verify age.

2. Game you would like to have an account created for.

3. Method for sending and receiving gifts.


We will provide you with login info after we create your account. We will then share with you the method for sending your gifts. They include:


2. Facebook Pay

3. Apple Pay

4. Zelle

5. Chime

Links to available games:



Browser: https://river777.net

Android: https://river777.com/install/direct-get-apk/

iOS: https://apps.apple.com/app/iconnect-game/id1226954912


Golden Dragon

Browser: https://www.playgd.mobi/SSLobby/1358.4/web-mobile/index.html


Orion Stars



Cash Out Terms and Schedule

We offer instant cash out daily, with a maximum payout of $500/day per person. The maximum payout for a game is $5,000. The minimum cash out limit is $50. There are no cash outs on Wednesdays and Saturdays. The cash out schedule is below:

 Sunday 8:00AM - 11:59PM EST

 Monday 12:00AM - 11:59PM EST

 Tuesday 12:00AM - 11:59PM EST

 Wednesday *NO CASH OUT*

 Thursday 8:00AM - 11:59PM EST

 Friday 12:00AM - 11:59PM EST

 Saturday *NO CASH OUT*

When ready to redeem, please send us a message on the Messenger app with the following:

1. Your name.

2. Login information.

3. Which game system.

4. Amount to cash out.

5. Method to receive gift (CashApp Tag, picture, QR code, etc.)



Daily Wheel: Up to $50 per 24hours.

Cashback: If players lose they can get up to 25% from each initial purchase


Referrals: We will load $5 for each person you refer. They must message us and tell us who referred them in order for your account to receive the referral bonus.


Receive $5 when loading $20 (once a day)

Receive $10 when loading $50 (once a day)

Receive $15 when loading $100 (once a day)