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Like some, I have a pretty good fleet of high end vapes. For US kind of people, we accept no singular device can be everything to everyone. Instead you must locate vapes that offer certain features that are superior to ...

I love my Boundless Tera vape. I use it about five times/week. After about 16 months though the top came off...not the mouthpiece, but the whole top, control panel and all. I'm the only user, I didn't handle it rough, ...

The Tera is AMAZING!!!! Tasty cool vapor.I love the plastic mouthpiece and water please adapter. This has replaced all of my high end portable vapes and most of my desktops! Im a Boundless fan now and will have my eyes ...

I am a very long term smoker, and all the warning signs are there. I have been trying to get off the Bongs for years now but I need the medicinal effects! The Tera is my first dry herb vape, I spoke to a friend who is right into it and sat a couple of sessions with him with a slightly lesser rig, I became a convert there and then. My Nicotine Vape experience taught me to go to a reliable source straight away and not to be tight on spend, so I purchased the top of the line product available locally. It was the Tera. Five days and I have not even looked at the Bong. I expect with a nice water pipe the Tera will be awesome. ps I have been smoking herb for over 35 years, getting me off the Bong and joints is no mean feat. Thank you Boundless tech, I think you saved my life. That death rattle in the lungs when trying to sleep at night has disappeared entirely. All the congestion from the smoke gone almost overnight! I am breathing so much better, my lungs are starting to clean themselves again and I did not have to go to rehab just to be put on medicinal herb or opiates anyway.. Thank you for the awesome product I highly recommend the Tera.

Like some, I have a pretty good fleet of high end vapes. For US kind of people, we accept no singular device can be everything to everyone. Instead you must locate vapes that offer certain features that are superior to other models. This device certainly can do some things at a very high leval, and as a result will always have a viable spot in my collection of valued vapes. Through water, this thing is a beast. I also want to make mention of the CS support.*Molly* has been a great help with advice to maximize the device when asked, and also resolved an issue that arose with swift favorable action. No long delays to hear back etc.I encourage anyone in the game who never purchased this vape to give it a strong look. Owning this device has merit for any true collector:)

I got this on sale and have been kicking myself for not getting an extra!! This is by far the BEST EVER!! I can set my temp to what I want from my herb and vape away!! Not small but DEFINITELY worth every penny!!

My Tera stopped working and I thought it was the batteries. Batteries were out of stock when I tried to order. Contacted them about when batteries would be back in stock. Two weeks later I was notified the batteries were on their way, I was sent new batteries when they were back in stock at no charge to me. I found out it was not the batteries and I reached out to see if they wanted them back as that was not the problem. I was sent a new vape. None of this was asked for they just took care of a customer. Not enough words to say how great this company is. Highly recommend them

I love my Boundless Tera vape. I use it about five times/week. After about 16 months though the top came off...not the mouthpiece, but the whole top, control panel and all. I'm the only user, I didn't handle it rough, I didn't drop it, it just broke.So I came looking for warranty repair. Now the warranty shows its true colors. True...I didn't save the original packaging. I did not know at the time of purchase that putting the packaging in the trash actually voids the warranty...who knew?Anyway I intend to purchase a replacement Boundless Tera. Despite the warranty's technicality I still doubt I can do better than the Tera, plus I already have spare batteries and a charger.Remember warranty repair depends on you retaining the original packaging. I am still buying an identical replacement as soon as I submit these comments but I am slightly disappointed.If yours breaks similarly a very narrow zip tie can hold the top in place temporarily. I suspect the screws were over-torqued during assembly weakening the plastic and causing pre-mature failure of the top. See pic for zip tie placement.

After the GS Elite, pax 3, even the Crafty, this is amazing. Tasty, cool, vapor delivered smoothly as per my individual requirements, at affordable prices. Boundless has progressed from a new company to an industry leader, with excellent products that most can afford. Wonderful service and a 3 year warranty have ensured that each time i replace one of my older vapes it's with a Boundless. The glass mouthpiece adds an extra dimension, and shows Boundless's understanding of the importance of tasting terpenes. This remains the perfect daily use medicator.

As vapes continue to advance, so does the DabCap. Instead of having just a circular attachment on the inside for round-tipped mouthpieces like the original, the newly re-engineered DabCap V4 boasts a patent-pending fully universal connection that provides an airtight fit onto your flat-tipped mouthpieces too. This unique design also has openings for tapered/duckbill mouthpieces, round-tip mouthpieces, and even newly released pod systems such as the PAX Era, Apollo 710, Stiiizy, JUUL Vaporizer, and more. The DabCap V4 also fits the Dynavap VapCap and most other herbal vaporizers on the market today! This unique vape to bong adapter was built with versatility in mind and provides universal compatibility that is guaranteed to meet your needs and further enhance your vaping experience.

When making the switch, many opt for a vape pen or similar kit; something convenient and easy to run, which works well with nicotine-heavy e-liquids. This niche is where V4 Vapour really shine. V4 Vapour e-liquids are crafted with a high PG balance (60%), which provides intense flavour, a pleasant throat hit, and efficient nicotine delivery. In this regard, the V4 Vapour range is ideal for those new to vaping who are are looking for quality and affordability.

After making the switch, many remain loyal to V4 Vapour and continue to enjoy the range available. The extensive range of flavours, including many tobacco, sweet, fruit and menthol offerings, ensure every need is met. The carefully refined formula in every V4 Vapour e liquid bottle provides a satisfying and straightforward vaping experience and offers the crowd of vapers who stick to the classic vape pen design with a go-to range whenever they need to stock up on liquid.

All V4 Vapour e-liquids available from The Electric Tobacconist vape shop are competitively priced, providing you with peace of mind that you're receiving the best deal possible. We offer free first class UK delivery on any order with a value of 20 or more, most of which arrive on the next working day! We also accept most major payment methods, including Paypal, credit and debit cards.

Hassle no more since their vapes and accessories are available through their resellers, distributors, and sales agent in the United States, Russia, Indonesia, Malaysia, France, United Kingdom, Spain, Belgium, South Africa, New Zealand, Paraguay, Guatemala, Italy, Germany, the Dominican Republic, Yemen, and Portugal.

To make it easier for you to check the authenticity of your Vandy Vape devices, they posted all their legit products on their main website so you can browse them anytime and anywhere. All of their products also come with a QR code and hologram, which you can use to scan and feel the 3D texture of the ink to verify the legitimacy of the vapes and accessories. No more confusion and doubt for your safety, after all!

This kit is love and the first choice for the most DIY enthusiast. It comes with an updated metal frame, a new square button, and a matching panel. It is constructed of Lexan Materials. You will surely enjoy rebuilding your Vandy vape experience since this has an easy-to-customize button and plates and works with DIY and Boro-style mods.

Are you a vape user that prefers a pen-style system? This series is for you. Vandy Vape created a line for vapers who want to use a simpler and more convenient type of e-cigarette in a pen-style form. Through their never-ending goal to give customers satisfaction at its finest, they developed this line each year and released different versions, advanced features, and technology.

SMOK NOVO 4 is the latest in one of the most loved series of vapes in vaping history, the NOVO. It's slightly bigger than its previous version but that's for a reason. A new airflow control ring means that the SMOK NOVO 4 is the first to have any kind of airflow adjustability. Another new feature is that NOVO 4 has replaceable coils. Each coil has 3 silicone rings which make SMOK claim they provide a leak-proof experience.

SMOK has in the Caliburn G and Caliburn Koko Prime some serious competition and they've returned to the market with a NOVO that has a bigger battery and airflow control, taking back their crown of the world's best pod vape.

NOVO 4 Pod have a 2ml vape juice capacity and the kit comes bundled with transparent black pods but you can also purchase fully transparent pods. Pods feature a side fill mechanism for simple leak-free refilling. 041b061a72

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