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CURRENT Medical Diagnosis And Treatment 2018, 57th Edition Ebook 37

In practice, EGFR and ALK testing is usually performed upon request by the medical oncologist. However, several consensus statements and local policies advocate reflex molecular testing (by pathologists) upon diagnosis of non-SCC NSCLC, regardless of clinical stage.82,83 This policy has been shown to increase the rate of molecular testing by approximately one-third in some settings84 and reduce the time to initiating treatment.82,85 In a recent study from Toronto, Canada, Cheema et al compared outcomes during routine and reflex biomarker testing among 306 patients with newly diagnosed NSCLC. Reflex EGFR/ALK testing was associated with a significant improvement in time to optimal systemic therapy, as defined by published guidelines (from 36 to 24 days).82

CURRENT Medical Diagnosis and Treatment 2018, 57th Edition ebook 37

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