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Confirmation Code For Facebook Hack

Hii thanks for your info. I am from India and I want to hack some cheaters facebook account. But as you mentioned that the first thing we have to do is to send a message contains letter f to facebook. But to which number should I need to send as I was in India

confirmation code for facebook hack

i am facing a problem with my facebool ID i just set themobile login approval on my account but someone hack my ID and nw iam not getting a verification code and with that i don`t have anydevice in which i was login before and the 3rd thing is i am alsonot able to see my number on the verification code page

Second, they activated two-factor authentication. This is supposed to increase the security of a system because you need to enter a code in addition to your password. The problem occurs when, again, it points away from the account owner and to the hackers instead.

I was just wondering if you ever got a reply from facebook/ managed to get back in? Like you, I have about a decade of photos on there, and also just feel really uncomfortable that a hacker still has access to my account!

Hey Elaine!Same happened to me about 3 weeks ago! Even though I was able to send my ID and for Facebook to recognized it (also I was able to change the email as the hacker has changed to one of his own) FB did contact me via email, send me a code but this code never worked :(. I regained my password but as the 2F Authenticator was enable by the hacker, I guess they are still getting this second code that I need to log in into my account. I wonder if FB would ever respond my email (as they where the ones initiating the communication) on this email it said: If you have any questions please respond on this email..

Hi, which way did you submit your ID etc? As in, which form?My account was hacked and 2-factor authentication was enabled so I cannot receive any codes to log into my account on any of my devices

Hi Shelley whats happened to you is word for word whats happened to me since 5th of june , i have an oculas attached to my fb as its my daughters so im going down that route and contacted to report fb for data protection breech as after submitting my passport i still cant access the account due to needing a login code but then it says i can reset my password and shows me my new email address and underneth the hackers totally breaching my security its disgusting ,i also have written to fb ireland and was told by ico .org that they have 8 weeks to reply ,i will try everything to get my account bk its 13 years old and has all my late fathers pictures on i dont have now,i feel paranoid everyday and scared as i already have severe anxiety i just feel targeted ,i reported the hacking to action for fraud too which everyone should do as thats what there for ,ive sent my passport repeatedly since and now its not recognised and sends me an instant message to my email bk saying they cant accept it ,honestly feel im going around in circles

Same thing has happened me ? seems like my old Yahoo account was involved in a data breach so hackers were able to change everything and deactivate my facebook. This happened yesterday so have been trying everywhere but seem to be going round in circles to no avail. Keeping positive thoughts that I can get it resolved but facebook customer service is juat awful. Have started bombarding them on twitter and even instagram for help.

The update is at the end of the original blog post, not in the comments. This link should take you right to it; otherwise, just look for the UPDATE heading in the main text:

Hi I had some anxiety on my PC and set up a facebook code via Microsoft Authenticator app as extra security after putting in password,to my horror I reset my phone and the codes i had were lost. In saying this I do have some strong suspicions due to other security issues ive had that efforts have been made from possible hackers i do not get my account back,however I know my facebook account has not gone as I still get friend updates via email. Ive contacted Oculus support but I doubt them like everything else at the moment. I get responses from facebook I can not use this feature anymore as ive sent passport national insurance number and any other desperate measure I can think of. I could write a sadistic horror fim with facebook team getting a huge pleasure out of having absolute power and an ego trip. I am exempt from work on medical grounds and mentally I have been really stretched this past six weeks

In my case, hackers re-registered a long-defunct email address that I had listed as a secondary account years ago. This meant they could access any codes sent to the primary and secondary address. I reported the account as hacked when I received notice that someone was trying to change my password (it was one security feature that sort of worked). I also had friends report the hack, which served to lock the hackers out of the FB account. I then had to use a different email address when I sent in my photo ID. When I finally got back in after 4 months, I had to use a completely different email address as Facebook refused to accept my primary account. This is all a rather long-winded way of saying 1) please make sure you report your account as hacked, and 2) set up a secure email you can use to try to get back in. Good luck!

Adding my name. 3 hour recovery time. HAcker changed language to Viet, changed my phone, turned on two step, changed my email and I was out.They were doing it for two days before I was completely locked out.I reported as hacked. I uploaded my id at least 5 or 6 times.Eventually they accepted one, and it was copy/paste the first link, because the 2nd and the code just put me in a loop, since my account was reported as hacked. But that link from the email that accepted the id was the one that got through. I had also tried replying to the no reply emails, begging them.I changed the recovery codes IMMEDIATELY upon regaining access. I should change the email too. Then deactivate.

Well I am locked out almost a year now and i have given up. I was not hacked I just created two step authentication code that got deleted by me by accident. My account is still live as i get email friend updates but after putting in my password every time I get the prompt for a code I created and i know I no longer have it. Been quoted fees of 50 + from scammers on sister site Instagram where I am also a member and I did not set up two step authentication. on here,I have tried every step including tweeting every meta employee about my plight and they just ignore. Absolutely terrible ive lost contact with friends too. I just wish Facebook could not get away with situations like mine where they hold my data too.

Well since 13th December 2021 I have been locked out of my account. Just now like on a regular occurrence I have sent my passport photograph as proof of who I am and unlike previous occasions I was sent a code to get access back. This has ironically happened after I changed my microsoft edge profile yesterday. It is clear some twisted individual got access to my set up and it worked for them I got locked out of Facebook!!! I cannot believe i am back but was pointless setting up a new account as was so irate over matter. Facebook though is a shambles. Nobody who worked for meta answered me on twitter. There is no customer service so do not set up extra security like I did. Back on facebook saturday night 28th /1/2023

However the brands and news outlets whose accounts are the most valuable to hackers may not benefit from the feature. They can only set one phone number as the recipient of the two-factor authentication codes, but may have several staff members who need to access the account. If they enabled it, whoever carried the phone registered with Twitter would have to relay the code to all the other staffers to get it to whoever needed it. That hassle might prevent shared accounts from turning on login verifications, and so the hackings may continue.

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